I am Berit Hals, plastic artist.

Studying Fine Arts in my beginnings has allowed me to bring to the textile world not only my creativity but also an art influenced by a wide range of artistic references.

My first experiments and searches in the field of painting in silk and cotton were in the early 90s. Since then I have evolved and improved my creations by studying with different professionals (textile printing, marbling, nuno felting ...) techniques that have inspired and taught me to work with fabrics and paints in different ways and from different points of view. I have lived and trained in Canada, Sweden and Madrid, where I currently have my atelier. All these experiences have influenced and enriched my work.

In recent years I have devoted more to the study and research of silk painting, making paintings and applying different techniques. At this moment I am using batik to create my designs incorporating thicker lines and more abstract drawings to my compositions.

Silk, like fabric with unsurpassed quality of luminosity, brightness, strength and soft texture is the perfect canvas for color, fundamental element in my works

My work is based on the creation of high quality “unique pieces” hand painted in silk. Scarfs, fans, shawls, bandanas, paintings…. Artworks with added value, exclusivity created for a modern, daring, different and independent woman.

Teaching is also an important part of my work, I teach courses and workshops with the aim of bringing art closer to the daily life of people who are attracted by art and enjoy being between brushes and colors.

I consider myself an artist, an artisan and a painter. My wish is that people who buy my designs do so with the intention of wearing them as Wearable Art.

I have participated as a speaker at events and I have exhibited in different countries throughout these years. If you are a person who values art and you are interested in my work you can do several things:

See my portfolio.
See my resume.
Write me to make an order or a proposal.